Game mode season 2022/23

The game mode for the 22/23 season in the Alps Hockey League has remained unchanged. Ident of the past season, first a Regular Season with 28 games per team will be played. Afterwards the Top-5 teams form the Master Round, receive bonus points based on their Regular Season ranking (4-3-2-1-0) and play each other twice more for the best possible starting position for the quarterfinal pick - the top-5 are already qualified for the playoffs after the Regular Season.

The other ten teams (6 - 15 from the Regular Season) will be divided into two Qualification Rounds and will also receive bonus points based on their Regular Season ranking. After a round robin, the top three teams from both groups qualify for the Pre-Playoffs, where the vacant three playoff spots are then played out in a "best-of-3" mode (1st Qualification Round A - 3rd Qualification Round B; 2nd QRA - 2nd QRB; 3rd QRA - 1st QRB).

Playoff opener on March 7th | All series "best-of-7

The first playoff game day is dated for March 7th, 2023. The champion of the seventh Alps Hockey League season will then be determined on April 22nd, 2023 at the latest. A new feature is the length of the playoff series, which will feature a "best-of-7" format at all three levels.

Overtime rule
Starting with the Pre-Playoff, if the score is tied after three regular 20 minutes periods, an endless overtime with sudden death will be played. In non-elimination games, the number of skaters will be reduced to three players plus one goalie per team after the first complete overtime of 20 minutes. In elimination games, five-on-five shall be played until a team scores.

The most important dates of the 2022/23 season:

Sat, 10.09.2022: Start of the regular season

Sat, 07.01.2023: last round of regular season

Thu, 19.01.2023: Start intermediate round

Sat, 25.02.2023: last matchday intermediate round

Tue, 28.02.2023: Start Pre-Playoffs ("best-of-3")

Sat, 04.03.2023: last match Pre-Playoffs - Playoff-Pick afterwards

Tue, 07.03.2023: Start quarterfinals ("best-of-7")

Thu, 03/23/2023: Start Semifinals ("best-of-7")

Sat, 08.04.2023: Start final ("best-of-7")

Sat, 22.04.2023: last possible final game

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