The Alps Hockey League season 2018-19 is split in two phases. In the regular season the teams play a double round robin of 32 games for every club against each other. The eight additional local games per team complete the regular season. It's about important points for the overall table and also for the national championships of the three participating federations. During the regular season the inner-Italian games - the first home and away game between two Italian sides: in total 56 games - count for Alps hockey League and also for an own Italian standings with the four best teams qualifying for the Italian Final Four, where it’s about the „Scudetto“. The same principle applies to the seven Austrian sides who will find their red-white-red champion in the end of January, too. In addition, the first two league matches between Jesenice and Ljubljana count for the Slovenian championship as well.

As last year there are additional games in four local groups at four resp. five teams around Christmas time. The teams who are in a group of four got an additional opponent for two extra games (home and away) by draw.

After 340 games - 40 per club - twelve teams go through to playoffs for the first time in AHL history. While the four best-placed teams are qualified for quarterfinals, the clubs between places 5 and 12 play a round of 16 in "best of three". Then, the postseason continues as last campaign: Semifinals are played in a “best-of-five” mode, while the quarters and finals will be "best-of-seven". The champion of Alps Hockey League 2018-19 will be crowned in up to 397 games.


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